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Diocese of Jashpur

(Province of Raipur)

Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Kerketta, D.D.

Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Kerketta, D.D.


Born March 16, 1952
Ordained Priest May 5, 1984
Bishop elect December 22, 2009
Episcopal Ordination February 2, 2010
Residence Bishop's House Kunkuri
P.O. Kunkuri - 496 225
Dt. Jashpur (C.G.)
Tel.: 07764 - 250223 (O), 250224 (C)
09424182368 (Mob.)
Patron Our Lady of the Rosary
Area Our Lady of the Rosary
Area 6,457 Sq.kms.
Total Population 8,53,160
Catholics 1,96,464
Languages Oraon, Kharia, Sadri, Hindi, English


The diocese of Jashpur was carved out of Raigarh diocese on 25 May 2006 by entrusting the whole district of Jashpur to its ecclesiastical area. Late Bishop Victor Kindo was appointed as the first bishop of the new diocese. Indeed, the erection of the new diocese was the long awaited dream of the people in order to ascertain due socio-pastoral care and effective mission in both the dioceses of Jashpur and Raigarh. The history of Christianity in the diocese of Jashpur dates back to as early as the beginning of twentieth century. During this time, there was a strong movement towards Christianity among the aboriginals predominantly consisting of Oraons in this region which was divided in 7 feudal territories. The Oraons who were socially suppressed and randomly exploited, were on the verge of loosing their land in the hands of the landlords and other dominant sects of people in the society. They were desperately in need of liberator who could save their land, property and give a new identity to them. Finally, the search was accompalished in Christianity. They found it as their niche for fighting against suppression, oppression and exploitation. 56 people of Khairkona village under Ajdha parish received baptism on 29 November 1906. This historical event became the milestone for the growth of Christianity in the diocese of Jashpur. Catholic priests from Katkahi and Nawadih, the parishes in Jharkhand (the then-state of Bihar), frequented their pastoral visits to the newly converts to the Christianity as they were neither allowed to stay nor erect any house in the region. This adverse situation to the Christians continued until June 1912 when the catholic priests were allowed to pitch only a tent at Ginabahar. Down through the history of Christianity, Christians had to undergo severe persecutions due to accepting Christian faith. In spite of all the difficulties and persecutions, Christianity made steady progress and as the result of this, the number of Christians increased considerably in due course of time. Hence, the area was rewarded with a separate ecclesiastical region of Raigarh-Ambikapur on 13 December 1951 by the inclusion of some parts of Ranchi and Nagpur Dioceses. To date, the initial old diocese has mothered two dioceses: Ambikapur diocese in 1977 and Jashpur diocese in 2006. Presently, due to the hard work of pioneering missionaries, Jashpur diocese is blessed with 1,96,464 Catholics, 50 parishes, 49 convents, and good number of educational, social and religious institutions. As a new diocese, it has a challenge to carry out the missionary activities in spite of strong opposition of some anti-Christian elements in the area.